Monday, January 21, 2008

Cameron's first few days...

Cameron and I were in the hospital from Monday (December 31) until Wednesday (January 2). The night she was born there were SO many people at the hospital, but as the night wore on, the visitors headed their separate ways, and Patrick and I got some alone time with our new family member. She spent time both in our room and the nursery. I got lots of practice of only sleeping in one to two hour increments with constant monitoring for both Cameron and me. Even with the steady in and out of nurses, all three of us managed to get some rest. And boy would we need it.

On Tuesday we started our year off right! We had lots of wonderful visitors. They started very early with an unexpected visit from Granddaddy Larry. He came to the hospital around 8:00am. Patrick, Cameron, and I were all asleep, and I could tell that he felt bad about waking us up. He came in and sat down and the three grown ups started chatting. Patrick asked Mr. Larry if he wanted to hold Cameron, to which he replied "No, that's OK." I encouraged Mr. Larry to hold her. At this point he revealed to us that he had never held a baby. Patrick replied by saying "Well Mr. Larry, you better get used to it! You are a Granddaddy now." In a moment that was so wonderful and heartwarming, Mr. Larry sat in the rocking chair in our room, held, rocked and really bonded with our little pumpkin. I feel like it really made a powerful impact on him. Cameron's birth was the biggest thing that had happened to our family in a very long time. It is amazing what a wonderful impact Cameron had and she wasn't even a whole day old. I mean look at this face:

I found out later that Mr. Larry had left our house (where all the grandparents were staying) super early. Momma and Mrs. Noonie thought that he had gone to pick up breakfast. He didn't tell anyone that he was coming to the hospital!! I am so glad that he did. It was nice to have Mr. Larry there to get to spend time with Cameron and the two of us. I know that if he had waited and come with the rest of the family he wouldn't have taken the opportunity to just sit and rock her in order to let other people get to spend time with her. Normally I hate the unannounced pop-over visit, but Mr. Larry's unannounced hospital visit was one of the best things I could have wished for on such a special day.

The rest of the day was filled with grandparents, friends, aunts, uncles and loved ones. I couldn't be prouder! Cameron was such a polite little girl. She was happy to be held and passed from arm to arm of the people that had been waiting on her for so long.

Cameron and Papa.
Cameron & Aunt Becca

Cameron and Grandma

Cameron & Aunt Leigh Ann

GaGa and Cameron

Cameron, Aunt Krista and Uncle Wes

Cameron and the Cooks

Cameron, Patrick and I checked out of the hospital on Jan 2, and excitedly went home to Cameron's adoring fans. Here are a few more pictures of Cameron, Mommy and Daddy. I AM SOMEONES MOMMY!!!

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